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“Our focus is on developing skills of our students to progress in positions of hair beauty specialist, salon/spa managers or owners, and educators”

Our Courses

Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy qualifications are for anyone interested in starting or advancing a beauty therapy career. You do not need to be working in the industry already. There are options to suit experienced technicians and people with no previous experience. You may be a young learner (under 16) or an adult.

Hairdressing and Barbering

To gain the skills you need to work in a hairdressing salon or barber shop -our certificates and diplomas cover a wide range of skills from shampooing, cutting, perming and styling to advanced colour correction.

Culinary Skills

The Culinary Skills qualifications can help you become a chef or progress to a more senior chef's role. You'll gain a high standard of cookery skills and have the option to learn other workplace essentials like health and safety in a kitchen.

Patisserie and Confectionery

Ideal for those looking to become professional pastry chefs or for those wanting to progress in their careers, for individuals who enjoy this area of cookery as a hobby and for those employees looking to further their knowledge and skills in this area.

Professional Bartending (Cocktails)

With the Award in Professional Bartending you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare cocktails and provide a high standard of customer service. You'll also have the option to learn free pouring techniques. The Award in Professional Bartending is for people who work as or want to work as bartenders.

Air Cabin Crew

his qualification can help you get your first job working in a cabin crew team. You'll learn how to co-ordinate a safe flight - preparing the cabin, getting the passengers aboard, demonstrating safety procedures as well as learning how to deal with emergencies.

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